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Collagen Liquid ( 16 fl. oz - 480 mg )

Collagen is a vital necessary protein that produces almost all of the skins supporting framework. Bovine collagen  will allow you to maintain younger looks for a longer time. Collagen is mainly present in  tendons ,  ligaments, bones,  and  skin .  It is an essential nutrient needed by the body especially the skin, bones and muscles. It can help decrease the dimpling on the skin by restoring and rebuilding these fibers that can cause fatty tissue to show. 

Hydrolyzed bovine collagen is a powder which may be encapsulated  or in it's powder form can be mixed with a beverage as a protein powder . The body only generates a modest amount of the 19 necessary proteins, therefore the rest have to be ingested on a regular basis by means of diet.

Women of all age groups who required a dietary supplement demonstrated enhancements in pores and skin flexibility in the 2014 research. Bovine collagen can also be utilized in topical treatments to enhance the look of skin by reducing wrinkles and lines.

Collagen added benefits aren't restricted to the physical; there are actually emotional benefits also. When you start to look a lot more you probably did a long time ago, your confidence and self-image improves.

* Liquid Collagen is also in the form of capsules, cream or powder

Collagen is probably the most plentiful protein in our our bodies, particularly sort 1 collagen. It’s present in muscle tissue, bones, pores and skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It’s what helps give our pores and skin power and elasticity, together with changing lifeless pores and skin cells. Relating to our joints and tendons, in easiest phrases, it’s the “glue” that helps maintain the physique collectively.

Our physique’s collagen manufacturing naturally begins to decelerate as we age. We are able to thank this degenerative course of for indicators of getting older, similar to wrinkles, sagging pores and skin and joint pains because of weaker or decreased cartilage (hi there, skeleton legs). Different life-style components — like consuming a weight loss program excessive in sugar, smoking and excessive quantities of solar publicity — additionally contribute to depleting collagen ranges. It’s been discovered that collagen-related illnesses mostly come up from a mix of both genetic defects, poor consumption of collagen-rich meals, dietary deficiencies and digestive issues affecting manufacturing (synthesis) of collagen.

Fortunately, consuming meals like bone broth can present loads of this important protein, and in the event you’re questioning what's collagen good for, I’m glad you requested.

What Is Collagen? Prime 7 Collagen Advantages

1. Improves Well being of Pores and skin and Hair

As we age, collagen manufacturing declines — it’s taking place as you learn this! You’ll discover it bodily: looser pores and skin, extra wrinkles and fewer elasticity. Growing collagen ranges will help your pores and skin look firmer, improve smoothness, and assist your pores and skin cells preserve renewing and repairing usually.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled research investigating the anti-aging properties of collagen have discovered that 2.5–5 grams of collagen hydrolysate used amongst ladies aged 35–55 as soon as every day for eight weeks considerably improved pores and skin elasticity, pores and the skin very moisture, and the transepidermal water will lose (dryness) and pores and skin roughness, all with little to no uncomfortable side effects. This makes collagen the most effective natural skin care substances out there.

Collagen additionally reduces cellulite and stretch marks. When pores and skin loses its elasticity because of decreased collagen, there’s one other aspect impact: extra seen cellulite. As a result of your pores and skin is now thinner, cellulite turns into extra evident — no extra hiding what’s taking place under the floor. Bettering your pores and skin’s elasticity by collagen helps cut back that dimpling in your pores and skin.

2. Reduces Joint Pains and Degeneration

Have you ever ever felt such as you’ve acquired “skeleton legs,” the kinds that really feel additional stiff and trigger ache while you transfer? Yup, that’s probably a lack of collagen rearing its ugly head. That’s as a result of after we lose collagen, our tendons and ligaments begin transferring with much less ease, resulting in stiffness, swollen joints and extra.

With its gel-like, clean construction that covers and holds our bones collectively, collagen permits us to glide and transfer with out ache. Consider ingesting extra collagen like greasing a creaky door hinge: It helps your joints transfer extra simply, reduces ache usually related to getting older and even reduces the danger of joint deterioration. It’s no shock then latest examine even discovered that collagen is an efficient for joint pain and other related problems.

Researchers at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Middle in Boston discovered that supplementing with sort 2 collagen helped sufferers affected by chronic inflammatory of joints discover aid from painful signs by reducing swelling in tender joints.

3. Helps inflammation throughout the body

When you endure from inflammation throughout the body, a situation the place bad-for-you toxins are capable of move by your digestive tract, collagen could be super-helpful. It helps break down proteins and soothes your intestine’s lining, therapeutic broken cell partitions and infusing it with therapeutic amino acids.

The most important digestive advantage of consuming extra collagen is that it helps type connective tissue and subsequently  protecting lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Immediately, we all know that many diseases can truly be traced again to irritation or irritation stemming from an unhealthy intestine. Poor intestine well being — together with modifications within the intestine microbiome and permeability within the intestine lining — permits particles to move into the bloodstream the place they'll kick off an inflammatory cascade (therefore the title leaky intestine syndrome).

Research have discovered that in patents with inflammatory bowel illness, serum concentrations of collagen are decreased. As a result of the amino acids in the collagen construct the tissue and that strains the colon and GI tract, supplementing it with collagen that will help deal with gastrointestinal signs and problems, together with  intestine syndrome, acid reflux, and some other issues. Along with serving to improve the intestine, collagen additionally helps with the absorption of water throughout the intestines, maintaining issues transferring extra freely out of physique.

4. Boosts Metabolism, Muscle Mass and Power Output

A lift in collagen might assist increase your metabolism by including lean muscle mass to your body and serving to with the conversion of important vitamins. One among glycine’s most essential roles helps type muscle tissue by changing glucose into power that feeds muscle cells. And do not forget that retaining muscle mass is essential as you age, because it helps assist posture, bone well being and burns extra energy than fats. When consuming collagen, you possibly can profit from additionally consuming vitamin C to make sure your physique can convert the collagen right into a useable protein. This will start to revive the supply or your power and vitality.

That’s not all that glycine can do in your metabolism. Analysis reveals glycine additionally has essential roles in each capabilities of the digestive and central nervous techniques, which play massive roles in sustaining a wholesome, youthful physique. Glycine appears to assist gradual the consequences of getting older by enhancing the physique’s use of antioxidants and can be used within the technique of setting up wholesome cells from DNA and RNA.

As well as, it’s been discovered that arginine boosts the physique’s capacity to make protein from different amino acids, which is essential for repairing muscle tissue, therapeutic wounds, sparing tissue losing, boosting the metabolism, and aiding in correct progress and improvement. And glutamine additionally helps preserve satisfactory power by facilitating the synthesizing of many chemical compounds. This amino acid gives “gas” to our cells, together with carbon and nitrogen.

5. Strengthens Nails, Hair and Tooth

Ever had peeling and splitting nails? Effectively, an absence of collagen could possibly be in charge. Collagen protein is the constructing block of your fingernails, hair and enamel. Including collagen into your weight loss program routine will help preserve your nails robust and probably reverse signs of hair loss.

A examine printed within the Journal of Investigative Dermatology discovered that there’s an “important relationships between extracellular the matrix and hair follicle and its regeneration, and suggesting that the collagen could possibly be a possible therapeutic goal for hair loss and different skin-related illnesses.”

6. Improves Liver Well being 

When you’re trying to detox your physique of dangerous substances, enhance blood move and preserve your coronary heart younger, collagen is extraordinarily useful. That’s as a result of glycine helps decrease injury your liver experiences when it absorbs overseas substances, toxins or alcohol that shouldn’t be passing by it.

One of many best methods to cleanse your liver is with a bone broth fast. I usually advocate a three-day bone broth detox to quickly restore leaky intestine. This will assist your physique rid itself of chemical compounds and “reset” your intestine, enhancing total immune operate. Research have even discovered that glycine can be utilized to assist cut back alcohol-induced liver injury and different types of acute or persistent liver damage.

7. Protects Cardiovascular Well being

The amino acid proline helps your artery partitions launch fats buildup within the bloodstream, shrinking the fats within the arteries and minimizing fats accumulation. Proline is required for tissue restore throughout the joints and arteries, plus it helps management blood strain. As a part of collagen discovered inside joints, it buffers our our bodies from the consequences of vibration or shock and helps us maintain on to precious cartilage as we become older.  It’s additionally linked with the prevention of hardening of the arteries, because it helps our arteries keep away from harmful plaque buildup.

As well as, arginine helps with nitric oxide manufacturing, which permits for higher vasodilation — that means the widening of arteries and rest of muscle cells and blood vessels that enables for higher circulation.

What Is Collagen? Varieties and Sources

Somewhat identified truth is that there are at the very least 16 various kinds of collagen throughout the human physique. These embrace collagen varieties 1, 2, three, 5 and 10. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of the collagen — between 80 % and 90 % — consists of varieties 1, 2, and three. Sort 1 collagen particularly accounts for nearly 90 % of the physique’s provide in line with some findings. There are additionally various kinds of collagen present in sure meals or used to create collagen merchandise and dietary supplements.

 Right here’s an summary of the various kinds of collagen, collagen sources and their main advantages:
  • Sort 1: That is by far probably the most plentiful, and nearly thought of to be the strongest, sort of collagen discovered within the human physique. It’s made up of eosinophilic fibers that type elements of the physique, together with tendons, ligaments, organs and pores and skin (dermis). Sort 1 collagen additionally helps type bones and could be discovered throughout the GI tract. It’s essential for wound therapeutic, giving pores and skin its stretchy and elastic high quality, and holding collectively tissue so it doesn’t tear. 
  • Sort 2: Sort 2 collagen primarily helps construct cartilage, which is present in connective tissues. The well being of our joints depends on cartilage made from sort 2 collagen, which is why it’s useful for stopping age-associated joint ache or varied arthritis signs.
  • Sort three: Sort three collagen is made from reticular fibers and a serious part of the extracellular matrix that makes up our organs and pores and skin. It’s normally discovered with sort 1 and helps give pores and skin its elasticity and firmness. It additionally varieties blood vessels and tissue throughout the coronary heart. For these causes, deficiency in sort three collagen has been linked to a better threat for ruptured blood vessels and even early dying, in line with outcomes from sure animal research.
  • Sort four: Sort four collagen has the essential job of forming basal lamina, which is present in endothelial cells that type tissue that encompass organs, muscle tissue and fats. Basal lamina are wanted for varied nerve and blood vessel capabilities.  They line the vast majority of our digestive organs and respiratory surfaces. Basal lamina could be discovered within the areas between the highest layer of pores and skin/tissue and the deepest layer. They’re a skinny layer of gel-like fluid that gives cushion/padding for the tissue above it.
  • Sort 5: Such a collagen is required to make the floor of cells, in addition to hair strands and tissue present in ladies’s placentas (the organ that develops within the uterus throughout being pregnant, gives oxygen and vitamins to the rising child, and removes waste).
  • Sort 10: Sort 10 helps with new bone formation and forming articular cartilage. It’s concerned within the technique of endochondral ossification, which is how bone tissue is created in mammals. It’s been discovered to be useful for bone fracture and improving of synovial joints.

Relating to sources of collagen we get from our diets, the principle ones are foods very high in protein, together with beef, rooster, fish and the egg shell and its membranes. Right here’s a bit about how these sources differ and profit us:

  • The Bovine collagen (cow and/or beef) collagen: All Bovine collagen will come from cows, particularly from their pores and skin, bones and muscle tissue. It’s made from largely varieties 1 and three collagen, which is an effective match contemplating these are probably the most plentiful varieties created and located within the human physique. It’s a wealthy provide of glycine and proline, and subsequently helpful for creatine manufacturing, building muscle and likewise serving to the physique make its personal collagen.
  • Rooster collagen: The kind of collagen most plentiful in chicken collagen is sort 2, which is finest for constructing cartilage. This makes it useful for joint well being, particularly since this supply additionally gives chondroitin sulfate and the sulfate of glucosamine  — each of which have anti-aging results. Most dietary supplements containing collagen normally use rooster collagen and supply sort 2.
  • Fish collagen: Collagen derived from fish has been discovered to be simply absorbed and supply largely sort 1 collagen, with the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. As a result of sort 1 could be discovered all through your entire physique, consuming extra fish collagen has been related to advantages for the joints, pores and skin, important organs, blood vessels, digestion and bones. Hydroxyproline is a vital part of the collagen triple helix, and decrease ranges have been related to joint degradation and subsequently signs/indicators of getting older. Hydroxyproline is required for collagen stability and is created by modifying regular proline amino acids after the collagen chain is constructed. This response additionally requires vitamin C (to help within the addition of oxygen), which is why vitamin C deficiency may cause abnormalities in collagen ranges.
  • Egg shell membrane collagen: Egg collagen, discovered within the shells and its whites of the eggs, comprises largely sort 1 collagen. It additionally has sort three, four and 10, however by far probably the most sort 1, identical to the human physique (roughly 100 occasions extra sort 1 than sort four). It gives glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and varied amino acids that will have advantages for constructing the connective tissue, and wound therapeutic, constructing muscle mass and decreasing ache/stiffness.

Collagen Vitamin Details

Simply how wholesome is collagen (and different associated proteins like gelatin) for you, actually? Very!

Collagen is also known as a “advanced protein,” which isn't stunning contemplating it comprises a whopping 19 completely different amino acids. These embrace a mixture of each nonessential (additionally referred to as conditional) and important varieties. Collagen is a very nice strategy to get extra conditional amino acids, like arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline.

Collagen consists of three chains, wound collectively in a decent triple helix. Every chain is over 1,400 amino acids lengthy! Proline and glycine are the first sorts of amino acids present in collagen chains. Each proline and glycine are two essential amino acids that aren’t plentiful in animal meats, which is the place most individuals consuming a “Western weight loss program” get the vast majority of their protein from. Which means individuals are missing these amino acids of their diets — since they recurrently keep away from consuming a number of the finest pure sources (like organ meats).

For causes you’ll see under, “nonessential” amino acids are literally fairly darn essential — so don’t let the title idiot you! Beneath regular circumstances they’re produced by your physique. Nonetheless, while you’re sick, below numerous bodily or emotional stress, or in any other case unhealthy, your physique might not be capable to produce sufficient of those amino acids by itself. The physique then wants assist from outdoors sources, primarily your weight loss program or dietary supplements, to get its fill.

The best percentages of amino acids discovered inside collagen, together with a few of their key advantages, embrace:

  • Proline: Proline makes up nearly 15 % of collagen. Proline and glycine, specifically, play a serious position in making certain your physique’s working easily. Proline helps defend integrity of blood vessels, enhance joint well being and has varied cardiovascular advantages.
  • Glycine: Round one-third of the protein present in collagen is glycine. Whereas size-wise it’s the smallest amino acid, glycine has massive results. To make sure our cells operate correctly, glycine helps construct wholesome DNA strands. It’s additionally one in all three amino acids that type creatine, which promotes wholesome muscle progress and boosts power manufacturing throughout exercises.
  • Glutamine: Thought-about to be one of the vital essential and plentiful amino acids within the physique, glutamine is each created inside our muscle tissue and likewise obtained from meals sources. Analysis reveals that glutamine has advantages for stopping anxiousness, rigidity, sleep problems/insomnia, an absence of focus, poor digestive well being, a weakened immune system and low power. In accordance with a report printed the American Journal of Scientific Vitamin, it’s been proven to have optimistic results of manufacturing of progress hormone, which might enhance elements of psychological well being, similar to serving to with launch of GABA that reinforces emotions of “interior calm and tranquility.” Nitrogen, created by glutamine in excessive quantities, additionally helps with wound therapeutic and prevents muscle losing and joint pains.
  • Arginine: Arginine (additionally generally referred to as L-arginine) breaks down into nitric oxide throughout the physique, which is a vital compound for arterial and coronary heart well being. Arginine has additionally been proven to enhance circulation, assist strengthen the immune system and has a optimistic affect on male libido.

What About Gelatin?

Curious if collagen is completely different than gelatin and the way it differs from different proteins already discovered inside within the physique? Will we essentially want collagen dietary supplements to ensure we’re getting sufficient, you could be questioning?

You may need heard collagen and gelatin talked about in the identical breath. That’s as a result of gelatin is derived from collagen — when collagen breaks down, it turns into gelatin. An ideal instance of how this works: The method could be present in bone broth: bones are loaded with collagen, and because the bones simmer in broth in the course of the cooking course of that takes place over one to 2 days, the collagen slowly breaks down into gelatin.

Gelatin was truly one of many first meals used as medical therapy in historic China; our ancestors acknowledged that meals is medication very early on! Gelatin is nice for individuals with food allergies or sensitivities. It even helps their our bodies handle difficult-to-digest meals higher long run by serving to restore elements of the GI tract.

As a wealthy supply of gelatin, sources of collagen like bone broth can facilitate therapeutic of the mucosal lining, which implies enhancements in nutrient absorption and fewer threat for leaky intestine (particles leaching out from the intestine to the place they shouldn’t be). In different phrases, gelatin is stuffed with the identical good things as collagen, simply in a unique type.

Getting Collagen Into Your Life

The highest methods to eat extra collagen embrace:

  • Making or ingesting actual bone broth.
  • Utilizing bone broth protein in recipes. You possibly can eat bone broth by itself or use it in all types of candy and savory recipes relying on the kind of product.
  • Taking collagen dietary supplements.
  • And lastly, consuming a well-rounded weight loss program that helps improve absorption of the collagen you eat.

Our ancestors chowed down on fairly a little bit of collagen as a pure lifestyle, since earlier conventional diets integrated whole-animal consuming. Merely put, they ate many animal elements, like pores and skin, tendons and ligaments, that we now generally keep away from or discard.

Fortunately, it’s turning into simpler then ever to “get again to the fundamentals.” One among my favourite methods to extend collagen consumption is by making a home made bone broth, like my chicken bone broth recipe, or the discover some constituted of beef. It’s a wholesome, scrumptious and cost-effective manner to make use of elements of an animal that may’t be eaten instantly — no waste right here! Bone broth can be insanely good for you. As these inedible animal elements simmer for hours or days, they launch collagen in an easy-to-absorb broth.

Collagen dietary supplements, like collagen protein powder, are one other straightforward strategy to improve your collagen consumption. Just be sure you get your powder from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows (with no antibiotics or chemical compounds). Collagen dietary supplements could be combined into smoothies, soups and even into baked items to offer collagen’s wholesome advantages with out including any style to your favourite meals.

Closing Ideas on What Is Collagen

It’s essential to notice that there are numerous components that assist the formation and use of collagen within the physique — similar to vitamin C, manganese, copper, proline and meals excessive in anthocyanidins (similar to blueberries, cherries and blackberries). To ensure that collagen to be activated within the physique, you at all times need to take your dietary supplements with a supply of amino acids and vitamin C if potential, or guarantee that your complement already contains these activating vitamins to make sure absorption and usefulness.

Moreover, whereas many lotions and powders declare to revitalize pores and skin by including collagen, the molecules in these topical merchandise are normally too massive in your pores and skin to truly take up. By way of bone broths and dietary supplements, you’ll enhance your physique from the within out. In different phrases, it can save you your cash in the case of slathering collagen instantly onto your pores and skin.

Lastly, bear in mind that sure meals — particularly ones heavy in amino acids — promote collagen progress greater than others. Animal merchandise like eggs, poultry, fish and milk can all assist enhance collagen formation. However veggie lovers, concern not! It's also possible to use collagen in recipes for your loved ones or children, similar to home made wholesome jello or all-natural fruit snacks.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Serving Per Container: 16

Amount per serving

% DV

Propietary Blend of: 
Hydrolyzed Collagen and Aloe Vera,
Vitamina C (as Ascorbic Acid)
Usualy contains these Amino Acids:
4600 mg

120 mg

L-Alanine 171 mg  
L-Arginine 59 mg  
L-Aspartic Acid 306 mg  
L-Cysteine 279 mg  
L-Glutamic Acid 104 mg  
L-Glycine 140 mg  
L-Histidine 495 mg  
L-Isoleucine 477 mg  
L-Leucine 779 mg  
L-Lysine 360 mg  
L-Methionine 9 mg  
L-Phenylalanine 131 mg  
L_Proline 54 mg  
L-Serine 86 mg  
L-Thereonine 194 mg  
L-Tryptophan 54 mg  
L-Tyrosine 108 mg  


9 mg


**Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients:
Purified water, Glycol, Citric Acid, Flavors (natural and artificial), Potassium Sorbate, EDTA Methylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Propylparaben, Simethicone, Sodium Metabisulfate, FD&C Red # 40.

Adults: Shake before. Take two (2) tablespoon (30 ml) daily. This product can be taken directly or mixed with water or a juice of your preference

Uso Sugerido:
Agitese bien. Tomar dos (2) cucharadas (30 ml) al dia. Este producto se puede tomar puro o mezclar con agua o con un jugo de su preferencia.
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